Antonio Cantarella

Cantarella Antonio

Game/Engine Developer

Fish and Pigs(C#)

Developed by a team of 10 people, Fish and Pigs is a 2D cooperative side scrolling beat 'em all. The game was developed with Unity 3D.

  • Development of the camera.
  • Development of the players behavior.
  • Development of different tools.
  • Graphic integration (Visual FX and animations).
  • Audio integration (Audio FX and OST).


Hephaistos is an OpenGL 3D engine based on the Components concept. The goal of this project was to develop a, FPS oriented engine capable of handling dynamic lights, real time physics, C++ scripting and an editor to allow GameObject's customization within game simulation.

  • Design of the general architecture of the engine.
  • Development of the per-pixel light shader.
  • Integration of Bullet Physics middleware.
  • Integration of SFML library.
  • Development of a mathematics library.
  • Development of a callback system.


Gladiator is an arena combat game with a third person camera, developed with Unreal Engine 4.

  • Design of the general architecture of the game.
  • Integration of the character animations, adding callbacks to get animation notifications.
  • Developed a Visual FX system.
  • Input management.
  • Camera and collisions management.


Animation Programming is a project focused on the study and comprehension of how Hardware Skinning and Quaternions work.

  • Developed a Hardware Skinning shader.
  • Developed a mathematics library.
  • Creation of structures adapted to store the bones information, paying attention to respect the parent/child relationship.
  • Creation of structures adapted to store the animation information.
  • Play the animation frame by frame.


Rpg Rogue-Like is a 3D First Person rpg game based on the dungeon crawler formula. The game was developed with Unity3D.

  • Developed a recursive algorithm for the procedural generation of dungeons, customizable by the inspector.
  • Input management; use of the Unity's Input Manager to customize inputs from the game launcher.
  • Camera management.

Mario Kart Clone(C#)

Mario Kart is a clone of the famous racing game. The game was developed with Unity3D.

  • Developed the behavior of the power-ups. All are customizable by the editor.
  • Developed the behavior of the cars when affected by a power-up.
  • Developed the algorithm that calculates player and NPC race positions.


Theme Hospital is a remake developed with Godot Engine, of the famous hospital management game.

  • Developed AI for the doctor and patient.
  • Developed drag'n'drop system to manually move NPCs.
  • Developed GUI for several menus.
  • Developed the NPCs stat management system, which has a big impact on gameplay.


Small World Underground is an adaptation of the board game. Developed with Godot engine.

  • Developed the multiplayer feature of the game, using the Client(Host)/Server model.
  • Developed the Main Menu GUI.


Raytracer is a real time ray tracing graphic library, capable of rendering high quality 3D scenes.

  • Designed the architecture of the library.
  • Developed the Blinn-Phong shading models.
  • Developed the mathematics library.
  • Developed the algorithm of space conversion.